Workplace Bike Challenge, September 2018


Get yourself and your company signed-up!National Cycle Challenge

Overview - Cycle September - the Workplace Bike Challenge - September 2018

  • Organizations and their departments will compete against others of the same size (so it's a level playing field).
  • Each individual, organization and department will earn points as pictured below. The more points you earn by riding and by encouraging others to ride too, the higher up the leaderboard your organization and department team will go.
  • This is both a national and global competition - your colleagues around the world can take part in this as well.
  • There will be great prizes that you and your colleagues can win!
  • There is a small entry fee for each workplace team to cover the cost of administering the Challenge and the prizes. Either the company can pay this directly online via credit card or by check on invoice, or a city/TMA or another organization can pay to cover the entry fees of the organizations in their area. Learn more via this doc.
  • The Challenge will run the whole month of September. 
  • We'll provide a promotion pack to make it easy to promote internally to your co-workers.

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