The Camden GreenWay: Circuit Trails Plan                                 (Completed January 2016)

The purpose of this study is to assist the Cooper’s Ferry Partnership and the City of Camden in advancing the development of the trails network within the City of Camden. Technical assistance and planning services were provided by the New Jersey Department of Transportation under the Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs, Local Technical Assistance Program (LTA). This technical assistance involves the development of a plan identifying the location and phasing for future elements of the Camden GreenWay, and defines what portions of the Camden GreenWay will also be designated as part of the Circuit. The Circuit is Greater Philadelphia’s Regional Trail Network which is being developed under the auspices of DVRPC’s Regional Trails Program. This planning effort supports the ultimate desired outcome of the construction of a network of active transportation infrastructure to promote and support bicycle and pedestrian transportation throughout the City of Camden with regional connectivity.

This study is intended to identify conceptual trail routing solutions that will close gaps in the Camden GreenWay and interconnect/integrate existing and proposed links of the Camden GreenWay with the Circuit.

For the purposes of this study, “trail” refers to designated bicycle and pedestrian facilities, both on- and off-road. This study identifies existing and future-phased trail segments as part of either the Camden GreenWay or Circuit networks. In addition, Cooper's Ferry Partnership completed the Camden GreenWay: Design Guide in 2017 which recommends facility types and standard design guidelines in accordance with AASHTO. 

To view the Camden GreenWay: Circuit Trails Plan, please click the link below.

The Camden GreenWay: Circuit Trails Plan

The Camden GreenWay: Design Guide                                            (Completed 2017)

The Camden GreenWay: Design Guide focuses on design guidelines for the Camden GreenWay and its purpose is to identify and recommend a series of effective bicycle and pedestrian facilities that are appropriate for the Camden GreenWay.

It is anticipated that much of the buildout of the Camden GreenWay will take place as private developers make new investments in Camden. Therefore, this design guide is intended to provide guidance to developers, so that as new projects and proposals emerge, they will include holistic bicycle and pedestrian solutions that will incrementally improve the Camden GreenWay network.

To view the Camden GreenWay: Design Guide, please click the link below.

The Camden GreenWay: Design Guide


Over 4-miles of New Bike Lanes and Trails Make Key Connections Between Newly Renovated City, County Parks and the Kroc Center in Camden

Camden, NJ – Today, Camden Mayor Dana L. Redd and Freeholder Jeff Nash, in partnership with Cooper Ferry Partnership, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at The Salvation Army’s Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center to mark the opening of 4.3-miles of active transportation trails on Camden streets.

"The new bike trails will help enrich the City’s open spaces, enabling both residents and visitors to enjoy the many recreational opportunities that Camden has to offer," said Mayor Dana L. Redd. 

Funded by the William Penn Foundation, the Camden Greenway is a key piece of the region’s Circuit Trails, making important connections between existing trails along the Camden Waterfront, the Ben Franklin Bridge and North Camden.

“The Freeholder Board has made a significant investment into improving our park system throughout Camden County and has worked to enhance several parks in Camden City including Pyne Poynt Park and Von Nieda Park,” Nash said. “In addition, Sustainable Camden County has made alternative modes of transportation a priority in all of its roadway planning and fully supports bike lanes, which shrink our carbon footprint and provide for more recreational opportunities countywide.”

The overall goal of this new trail project is to encourage city residents, workers and visitors to utilize and actively enjoy safe, alternative transportation in the City of Camden.

The new trails will allow significantly improved bicycle access to anchor institutions and key downtown public spaces. In addition to the new bike lanes and sharrows, signage now connects the Ben Franklin Bridge to the Camden Waterfront, Roosevelt Plaza Park, Northgate Park, Pyne Poynt Park, Von Nieda Park and The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center. 

The new trail project continues the expansion of The Circuit, the greater Philadelphia region’s trail network, which currently has 300-miles of completed trails.  The Circuit is a planned 750-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails across southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey which will connect people to jobs, recreational opportunities, public transportation and other neighborhoods, and will serve as a gateway to open green space.

Future expansion plans for the new trail project and The Circuit include an off-road trail along the entire Camden Waterfront.

“Most of the Riverfront is currently inaccessible to the public,” explained Perno.

Work is currently underway to obtain needed land parcels, as well as the necessary funding to make the off-road trail project a reality. In the meantime, cyclists can enjoy the new bike lanes, which run almost directly parallel to the proposed Waterfront off-road trail.

For more information about improvements to the bike trails or The Circuit, visit  and


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